HUNSTEM is an online STEM learning community supported by the College of Sciences and Technology at the University of Houston - Downtown.


HUNSTEM has three goals:


1) to act as a gateway to local, national, and global STEM resources,

2) to provide tools for collaboration and awareness of STEM programs and events in the greater Houston area,

3) to act as liaison to foster collaboration, support existing programs, and help build new projects.


HUNSTEM works with numerous community partners on many levels. HUNSTEM also supports numerous programs at UHD. And, HUNSTEM is connected to local, state, national, and international STEM organizations and projects.


HUNSTEM is a learning community for everyone from pre-school through college.


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HUNSTEM Gateways


HUNSTEM is an interactive multimedia site that is designed and implemented with the goal of promoting problem-based learning in a K-16 science learning community. HUNSTEM has three main missions, to serve as a resource gateway for STEM-related activities and resources, to build and sustain a Learning Community centered on Project-Based Learning (PBL) in STEM, and to serve as a proactive liaison for learning community collaborations in STEM.


HUNSTEM is a project of the NS department at UHD, and has grown from a learning community for the greater Houston area to one that reaches national and international audiences through our partnerships and collaborations. HUNSTEM mission is three-fold: 1) serve as a gateway to resources for STEM education; 2) provide tools for learning community development and function; and 3) act as liaison for STEM collaborations.


HUNSTEM provides gateways to resources for the preK-12 STEM learning community: students, parents, teachers, informal science centers, business and industry, professional organizations, government and higher education. HUNSTEM also offers workshops for teachers and students through various summer programs, and acts as liaison for STEM program collaboration. HUNSTEM informs community and teacher best practices through professional development and community workshops and conferences, and HUNSTEM provides discussion and feedback forums.

HUNSTEM also mobilizes the STEM learning community through online tools and proactive collaboration building. HUNSTEM works with organizations, institutions, and coalitions of STEM stakeholders interested in building partnerships and opportunities for collaboration. HUNSTEM Collaborations are designed to build relationships by bringing community and professional entities together in one place around specific content areas.


HUNSTEM and its partners collaborate to find ways to make STEM education more accessible to more of the local, state and national learning community. HUNSTEM works with the Greater Houston Partnership (GHP), the Houston-Galveston Area Council (HGAC), the Gulf Coast Workforce Board (WorkSource), Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the Engineering, Science and Technology Council of Houston (ECH), the Science and Engineering Fair of Houston (SEFH), and the International Science World Energy, Environment, and Engineering Project (ISWEEP), and many others to build, promote, and enhance STEM education in the Greater Houston area. The GHP is Houston’s chamber of commerce. HUNSTEM is a part of the GHP Education and Workforce Advisory Committee, which works with key stakeholders in the education, business and civic communities to address long term business workforce issues. The main goal of this committee is to undertake specific, actionable strategies aimed to improve student performance to necessary levels in preK-12, higher education and workforce development. Another area where

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Dr. Brad Hoge


Director of HUNSTEM


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