HUNSTEM is an online STEM learning community supported by the College of Sciences and Technology at the University of Houston - Downtown. HUNSTEM has three goals: 1) to act as a gateway to local, national, and global STEM resources, 2) to provide tools for collaboration and awareness of STEM programs and events in the greater Houston area, 3) to act as liaison to foster collaboration, support existing programs, and help build new projects. HUNSTEM works with numerous community partners on many levels. HUNSTEM also supports numerous programs at UHD. And, HUNSTEM is connected to local, state, national, and international STEM organizations and projects. HUNSTEM is a learning community for everyone from pre-school through college. Explore HUNSTEM! Join us on our social media sites! Let us know how we can help you!




HUNSTEM is part of the Scholars Academy at UHD. The SA provides scholarships, peer mentoring, faculty mentoring, social opportunities, and more for students from the UHD College of Science and Technology. HUNSTEM provides gateways to resources for CST students, faculty, friends, and families. HUNSTEM also supports many programs within CST listed on this page.

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HUNSTEM works with school districts, informal science centers, professional societies, institutions of higher learning, government entities and industry groups to promote STEM learning. Partners we are currently working with include: The Greater Houston Partnership (GHP) Energy Workforce Committee; Tietronix, Inc.; The Houston Museum of Natural Science (HMNS); the International Science World Energy, Environment, and Engineering Project (ISWEEEP); and the Science and Engineering Fair of Houston (SEFH). HUNSTEM provides web hosting for the Environmental Educators Exchange (EEE) and Texas Earth Science Teachers Association (TESTA). Let us know if we can help your organization.


The Environmetnal Educators Exchange provides a network and forum for anyone interested in environmental issues and environmental education.

Environmental Educators Exchange -

The Texas Earth Science Teachers Association is a state wide organization of science educators, science supervisors, curriculum directors, and others dedicated to maintaining the highest level of science education in the disciplines of the Earth Sciences.


The GHP is greatly concerned about the future of Houston's energy workforce. HUNSTEM worked with the GHP Energy Workforce Committee to identify the best STEM programs in Houston.

GHP Energy Workforce Committee -

One of the projects that resulted from GHP support was New Century Energy for the Houston Independent School District (HISD). HUNSTEM acted as liaison between industry sponsors, HISD staff, Tietronix Inc., and other STEM groups to help make NCE a reality.

New Century Energy -
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